Bespoke Gifting

THE ultimate service to elevate the gifting experience for you and your giftees.  

Our white glove, strategic service is reserved for those ambitious professionals who realize that gifting is an invaluable and tangible way to be top of mind so as to maintain and build top tier relationships with key people ... but you and your staff have no time or ideas how to optimize your gift giving.  

If you are in a position to retain this solution to create impressive client interactions, let’s explore the possibility of working together. Click here to arrange a Gift strategy session.

Express Gift Boutique

We understand that there are times where you either don’t have time or you don’t have the budget approvals for our full bespoke strategy offering. Introducing express gifting. We offer a curated selection of gifts for those times. Click here to shop the online boutique.

Swag/Promo Products

We understand that there are times where you need good quality collateral that converts, branded with your company’s logo. We have curated a selection of swag. Fill out the form on the Contact page to discuss.

Social Media and Resources

You may wish to learn more about The Gift Tailor and some of the issues to consider when it comes to corporate gifting.