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Here’s how you can go from NO TIME or NO IDEAS to GREAT GIFTING.

Let me share how I transformed a few of my clients’ gifting efforts. They went from gifter’s dilemma to gifter’s dream!


Are you looking forward to the planning and logistics of your next client or staff gifts? What does that look like?

Scrolling online, strolling through stores for hours looking for inspiration?

Grabbing something … anything, perhaps a soy candle set or other generic gift box. The contents aren’t tailored to you, they aren’t tailored to them, but hey, job done.



So, instead of DIY, if you’d rather hand that over to a gift consultant to handle with expert care and attention, then you're in the right place. My mission is to provide a quality service culminating in gifts that tell a story or carry your sentiments.

So let's get the ball rolling. Simply fill out the Contact form or email  Catalog


Whatever you do, Happy Gifting! Kudos to you for putting in that extra thoughtful thought. To paraphrase Richard Bach “Every gift [received] ... is a wish for your happiness.”