Moment of Mindfulness gift set

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This tea-set makes a great gift of a cup of tea for one!

A moment of mindfulness for somebody who needs a few minutes of calm.

Here’s what you get in your Moment of Mindfulness Set

  • Innovative desk top brewer mug in a warm orange color
  • One Sachet of loose tea leaves
  • Two decorated cookies, individually wrapped - to dunk or not to dunk, that is the question!
  • Audio meditation to listen to while tea brews
  • Comes with gift box and filler for presentation & protection

Brew a cup of tea right at your desk top from fresh tea leaves.

All-in-one: the lid doubles as a saucer so no need to worry about where to put your tea bag or tea leaves - making this highly suitable for use in the office.

Teapot-free ~ the cup has a built-in, strainer so you can brew your cuppa right in the cup

No saucer needed ~ after brewing, just invert the lid of the cup and rest the strainer on the lid

Temperature ~ Ceramic cup and lid holds the temperature of warm tea really well

Coffee? Tea? Cocoa? The choice is yours! The built-in strainer is removable for when you want to use a tea bag or not have tea at all!

Tea cookie ~ Neutral taste suited for tea. 

An oasis of calm while your tea brews followed by a sip of self-care.


Tea varies depending on season