Epic Gift Fails: Teachers vs. Nurses Appreciation Edition!

Epic Gift Fails: Teachers vs. Nurses Appreciation Edition!

Hey there, gift givers and appreciators! 🎁

It’s that time of the year again—Teachers Appreciation Week (May 6-10th) and Nurses Appreciation Week (May 6-12th) 🍎👩‍⚕️

While these are undoubtedly heartfelt celebrations, there's a lingering question: Who gets the short end of the gifting stick... Educators or healthcare workers?

Let’s dive into some real-life anecdotes from the appreciation archives, as shared on the internet. Picture this: a pin board adorned with each staff member’s photo, paired with a fortune cookie. The catch? Unfortune-ately, staff weren’t actually allowed to enjoy their  treats! 

"For appreciation, a poster board was put up in the lobby with each staff member’s picture with a fortune cookie beside it. At the top of the poster was “we are so fortune-ate to have you!” It was up for the appreciation period and the staff were not allowed to eat their fortune cookie. It was just there so that they could be seen “appreciating” us."

Next there’s the classic tale of “budget appreciation”—a pat on the back and a "thank you, next" when it comes to the good stuff. 

Who could forget the hospital that handed out rocks during the pandemic, with a note that read, “You rock”

But wait, there's more. How about a Payday bar with a note promising extra sweetness, only to find out your paycheck falls short? 

The Payday bar our teaching staff got one day with a note that said “someone as special as you deserves an extra PAYDAY!” Then our next paychecks were inaccurate.

So, whether it's a fortune cookie façade or a rocky road to appreciation, teachers and nurses have seen it all! That's why we’ve opened a pop-up shop to help you put a smile on an educator or healthcare hero’s face. Discover the collections and give a token of appreciation the right way. Click here to gift shop


Image credit: via Reddit

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