Have the best of intentions when it comes to gift giving? But … No time? No ideas? No problem! I can help you with that!

 Hi there, I’m Sam Worrell founder of The Gift Tailor. We provide a turnkey gifting service so that where you lack time, ideas or access to stores, you can rest assured that your gifting projects are executed on. 

I’m a Brit that lives in Dallas, TX. Being in the middle of the country places us in an ideal location to serve companies from coast-to-coast. I love to travel and it’s a great bonus that sometimes I can share this with my clients by finding gift ideas from other countries, especially the UK.

"I'm here as a trusted advisor, helping my clients nurture their key relationships by communicating their sentiments and brand through their gifting initiatives."


Prior to founding The Gift Tailor, I spent 12 years as an in-house compliance lawyer helping some of the largest law firms, banks and companies on both sides of the Atlantic get to know their clients better. Now, through gifting I help businesses to connect with their clients.

 As a busy lawyer, there were times when I was in the position of embarrassing moments when trying to hurriedly gift at the last minute, or, even worse, never getting around to gifting at all.

That made me passionate about helping other busy professionals find a way to achieve their gifting goals.  So I took that passion and combined it with my years of experience in highly detailed research to bring a tailored gift consulting and concierge service to the busy, discerning professional with a budget to grow their book of business, who values their time resources, and requires a high quality service provider.


 One of our clients described us as:-

 "The Gift Tailor is the service you never knew you needed.”


Whether expressing your firm’s sentiments through your client and staff gifts or communicating your brand through your marketing and promotional items, I can help you with that. 

Ready to elevate the gifting experience for you and your giftees? Head to our Services page to see which of our offerings is right for your firm at this time.