Why won't I give the gift of wellness to me?

Global Wellness month is coming to an end, after a string of mental health and wellness themed months. It would be great for companies to continue to  make space for wellbeing and encouraging employees to do the same. 

But in spite of us becoming more open about the need for managing mental and physical wellbeing, building a personal self care habit (the foundation of a culture of wellness) proves difficult for many people.
The road to creating a culture of wellness in the workplace begins with a few simple steps.
I  sat with Susan Ahlstrom a certified EFT practitioner and founder of Lighter and Brighter Health to discuss why we struggle with self care and how to integrate it into our working lives.
Listen in on our chat to hear the one thing you need to give your team to help them start building a wellness habit.
When you finish with the video - click the link under the video to download a copy of our guide to simple self care solutions. 
Over to you! Which of the tools in the guide are you going to use and at what time during your work day? 

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